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Stream of Consciousness 2

From a Friend of the Desk

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       If all that is was then, all that was is. And those who don't understand, just cant be trusted to be in control of what is near and dear to those of us who do.
       In the beginning there was nothing but blank calm. And then out of no where a microscopic life form appeared. And form it all else have came from.
       How can you explain the fact that in life only one you can be sure of is yourself. And as you go threw life, no matter how it goes, you only see life from, your own perspective. And all others seem top be players in a comic play, where all those events that occur, are only just set dressing in the play that is your life.
       With that being said, What does it all mean and when does it become worth the resolve to keep going knowing that you are the only one that truly matters. If the world is that way then how can one explain the following: Billy Carter, the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, Agnew, Jane Fonda, the internet, and the cosmic universe? Why do the makers of products keep re-doing the same do things over and over? Just the names and packaging have been changed to appeal to new or different people. And why does the light in the refrigerator need to go out when the door is shut, and why does not all food spoil at the same rate?
       And do those who hold public office really have our best interests at heart, or are they only just doing a job that they feel they can like the rest if the world. just they seem to be getting a bigger piece of the pie. How many of them does it take to make the right choices. If there are any right choices to be made.
       How do the great writers of the day come up with such interesting stories. And the rest of us just seem to write that which most consider to be mindless ramblings of uneducated beings. For this seems to be all that I keep coming up with. And sometimes it seems that all is for not. And what of the cosmic differences between the male and female of any life form. And does it all mean that only that matters is that which is only important to us and all else is not required for life is just not needed to go though life as we know it.
       And if that were true then why the need for such things as words and writings.

Or am I just a mindless entity that is existing in a vacuum.

fred barnes

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Will try to do more, for this allows me an avenue to vent my frustrations. Be that they are. If it turns out might try to keep it up, but with my limited education can't guarantee quality.

let me know how the other thing is received.
have good day

Thanks for the submissions. And from here it looks like you have plenty of education. Maybe not a PhD in History or something, but plenty of REAL education.
You keep writing it, the Desk will post it.


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