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Stream of Consciousness

From a Friend of the Desk

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      If it were known that I am not who I say I am or appear to be. Those who would likely object to this fact might realize that the reasons for this was to benefit the masses. And in doing so would put the at large persons at risk of being exposed to things that require more explanation. And understanding then is normally encountered in day to day life.
      The resulting confusion by those who would try to make sense and reason of these facts, would be to such a degree that it would cause panic and mistrust of the social-political leaders of the country.
      They in turn would want to know why they didn't know more than they did. And how could such a great deception be kept out of the prying eyes of those who should have known. And those who should have seen it coming. and at least raised a cry of look at this.
      Is this the way we want to be led and taken care of? For we can't be trusted to make the best decision on maters of such importance. That we were not allowed to make then and not even told that they were made. But when the time comes will we be glad that things were done on our behalf?
      Or will we resist the benefits of these actions that others have taken on our behalf and have guarded so closely for years? To the disdain of others and we who would reap the benefits of such facts and the results of what was done for us without our knowledge.

fred barnes

Doc- this is some nonsense that I typed while at work to see if I can improve my typing skills. Thought you might find it amusing to say the least. Don't know where the words came from. just let my mind run away and this is what came out. If I didn't know better might think that I am a little ?????
have good day

     Well. The Desk doesn't know where to start. It does cause one to think while reading it. And it may bring in some comments. We shall see.
     Thanks sending it in and giving permission for the Desk to share it with the world at large.


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