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Ramblings for the end of 2002,

        a year in closing.

From Fred, a Friend of the Desk

©03 assigned to The Media Desk

  In life there are things that explain things and those that puzzle things. When I go threw my day at work, I am constantly wondering is there any real purpose to all I do. I listen as those I work with and for, offer up their views on the topic of the day. Try to sift threw this wealth of knowledge. Is there a point and where is to pointing to? To keep ones sanity while all those around you have lost our are losing theirs. What of the trails of those we hold close to us are they any worse or better then we are. Or is there a true difference in the lives of oneself and others they come in contact with. Or is the view that we are just a speck on a larger life form going threw existence not knowing just how small we really are.

  Just think of the smallness in mind to be so close-minded to think that wee are the only thing there is. Going threw life thinking that there is no real universe. Just that all is for our own amusement. And the intertwining of the lives of others and us has no real meaning. What of the religions of the world, that propose that there is one all-powerful being that has a greater purpose in mind for us then we can imagine. Dare we try to understand what is in store for us? Or is the other explanation that religion is mans attempt to explain or understand things he cant explain. Or things that even explained provide an unsettled feeling to man and his world. But the ability to explain or provide some explanation for things provides comfort to man and allows him to go forward with his life. In his life and co-exist with those we come in contact with.

  Just how do you make any kind of sense in this life with those around us? What of the local, state and national since. The governor took office like others telling of new things to come. Now that those things can't be. The cry of where's the money, which, s at fault. Who will be offered up to calm the public? And who will be done in and the public not told the whole reason as to why if told at all. And when are we or will we go to combat over the latest issue to our national pride, good feelings or what have you. And of those who feel that our way of life is been gotten at the cost of others or gotten in a way that makes them either wants our life style or to destroy it cause they are offended by it. But history or the lack of understanding other peoples history has seem to be the main cause why there are those who cant understand what we have was gotten at sometimes a high cost in both life and effort those that had to earn it, so that their off spring can live a better life then they did.

  The praises of ones peers seem to come all to few in this world we call home and work. Of which do we take it with the grain of salt or a shovel of it. As if trying to make it tastier. But all to often making it more bitter then it was meant to be. For we constantly strive to for the most part do the job in a manner in which we take some pride in it, or the results of our labors. Most of my fellow workers have been engaged in working for their money or keep for several years. Their opinion of what is of worth runs the spectrum of what is considered to be acceptable for the field that we work in. Also there are those that state that due to the fact that we work for one entity or another we are either less the whole . Or incapable of gainful employ in other sectors. And should stop complaining about our jobs and just do it.

  What of the world we exist in. Does it have to be such that as we go through life it seems that all is for so little. And cost so much. Not only in money but the things that cant be measured so easy. There are those that seem to have it easy. But that bring to mind the old adage that one only sees just what is in front of them. Not seeing the beyond or outside the window. Its like driving in the days before tinted windows. Looking through the windows of the other cars to see beyond them. Try that now. In going threw life one wonders what is worth the effort. Are the gains out weighted by the costs.

  Will the world end on the morrow, go to war , find peace, understand that what we have as Americans was not given but earned by those who have paid for what we all seem to thing is normal. Life at a standard which makes us strive for that which to others seems to be a bit much at times. But they seem to forget that this country was founded by those who wanted a better way of life. And moved to this country to start a new. And have set the bar high , meeting it or passing it . Much to the dismay of most of the world. They still seem to be steeped in the past and all it has to offer. They complain that we don't deserve, or don't do anything to help them in their life. But what we have has cost a lot more then they see. Even with the right to express what we feel, they don't understand that they are as capable if not more so. But seem to not be willing to take the first step. And can only see that we have and they want or want us to give to them. As I see history the world has ways of letting things happen. And that they are where we for the most part came from.


NOTE: As Always, Fred's thoughts and comments are posted basically as received. His ideas are his own, and while the Desk may agree with them, it does not either endorse or criticize them, it merely posts his pieces as he submits them to allow others to share in the Desk's unique pulpit. thank you
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