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The The PPBBS GT Story

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In Memory of those PENNERS who have left us....
you will be missed, but not forgotten

the mastermind of the Board
The Great and Mighty SYSOP of the Pen seemed to have enjoyed himself.

Three Pretty Women and one baby
Three pretty women, and one baby, in one shot! While not a record for the Desk, it's not bad.
[official Media Desk gratuitous Pretty Woman Picture: 2007 Playpen GT]

no mistake about who's son he is
And you thought cloning wasn't allowed.

Some posed for the camera.
Some of the attendees posed for the camera, others ignored it.

chow time
Penners have always ate good ('eaten well'? whichever) when they get together at Get Togethers!

... and a good time was had by all.
It would appear that it wasn't only the former Penners that had a good time!

two of the newer Penners.
Some of the newest 'penners' will never understand what all the fuss was about.

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