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A Blues Brother Welcomes you to Shore Leave 25
Was he a Blues Brother or an M.I.B.? We couldn't tell until he started singing. M.I.B. can't sing.

IFT Geo Six Fundraiser
The IFT Geo Six table and their charity for the weekend- American Indian Relief Council.

Klingon at the blood drive
For the record, the Red Cross DOES accept Klingon blood donations. The ladies are Red Cross volunteers.

Gratuitous Pretty Woman Picture
Not everybody was dressed up as an alien.
[official Media Desk gratuitous Pretty Woman Picture]

the FREE Chocolate table
Bubbly (alcoholic and non) and Chocolate.
Some people thought they were in heaven instead of Baltimore.

young fan dressed up
A young fan all dressed up, but staying close to mom and dad.

The Story

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