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What a Conditioned Society We Are.

Ever ponder the reason so many people die in fires where the death toll could have been greatly reduced? It’s simple. It’s called being CONDITIONED.

Conditioned (adj.)con-di-tioned: Characterized by a predictable or consistent pattern of behavior or thought as a result of having been subjected to certain circumstances or conditions.

Today I was relaxing having lunch at a popular and well-crowded restaurant, waiting for my appetizer to arrive. While sipping my tastily summertime treat of iced tea with lemon and sugar my bliss was cut short, shattered by the wailing almost squawking sounds emitting from the fire alarm speaker fixed on the wall about 15 feet in front of me. The alarm was telling their listener that somewhere there was a fire or something not correct. Well this soul immediately arises from his non-delivered lunch and proceeds to leave the building when out of the blue I realize I am the only one making any visible attempt to save his bacon. So I stop, look around and quickly analyze that my bacon is indeed not in threat of being fried. I sheepishly return to my seat to find my lunch was there waiting for me and I was no where around. I quietly ate my lunch and pondered the event.

We constantly emphasize and teach children about the practice of safety and to avoid any hazardous situation, until they become adults. Once a child graduates to adulthood this fear of danger and respect of ones personal safety is compromised for a meal. I was always taught that a wailing fire alarm was an advisement to get out of the building and seek safe shelter. Today it brought me dumb looks and jeers.

I think I will call my parents for guidance and maybe a word of encouragement. I will first thank them for teaching me about safety and second I will seek enlightenment on why adults just don’t care. Well this is my point of discussion for today. Rest assured that if a warning siren wails I’ll be out the door and the rest of you can stay and wait till your loved ones identify your remains.


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