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[NOTE: Originally produced for the Desk's Day Job's newsletter. As this was FOR WORK there is no obligatory pretty woman picture... sorry thank you- Dr. Leftover ]


 sufficient fuel for the morning
Morning sustenance for serious brain activity.

the great and wonderful THING
The little blue gimmick sitting on the program cover is one of those freebies the vendors give away. It is..... dramatic pause ... a CD case plastic wrap opener!

the ISP's famous duct tape
Duct tape. Don't go to a tech show without it!

Class session Subject Matter Expert
One of the speakers for a breakout session.
This well-dressed young gentleman was the Subject Matter Expert for Client Management Processes.

the main conference room and crowd
A few of the 300 plus attendees at lunch before the speaker began his presentation.

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[NOTE: Thanks to (in no particular order): The Sheraton Hotel, Dover. The Delaware Technology Conference Committee and staff (this means you Charles). Ms Starkey and The Delaware Department of Technology and Information. Mr. David from ATW. The Association of Information Technology Professionals. And the other assorted vendors and participants in the Conference. ]

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