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One more Year, One more Report.

The Desk status and update 2005

©05 The Media Desk

      Yes it has been a year already since it did 2004's report.

      And Yes the Desk wanted to have a party when the numbers broke another record... No, the party hasn't happened yet... although the records have long fallen.
      In March of this year the Desk site broke the 25,000 pageview barrier for the month. The month before it went over 50,000 hits.
      This immediate past month was a little slower than usual, but then again, August is like the slowest month for everything, but still, the total was impressive considering the Desk still does no paid advertising, does not pay for search engine rankings, and does not give anybody any form of payment either by check or credit card or even cash or barter for listing it anywhere on anything.

The Desk is the Desk is the Desk.
      Yes it is. And so it will remain.
            Get over it.

      And as it moves into its Second Decade of doing this in one form or another...

      Yeah... that's how long it's been.

Meaningless Tangent about where and when the Desk began its online career

      Sometime in or about spring of 1994 the Desk began writing basically the same features and filler it had been doing for various weekly or monthly publications for an online service called the Playpen BBS.
      At first it just posted odds and ends in the forums. Then it was given a forum by the SYSOP who was tired of telling the Desk to keep its ramblings somewhere in the vicinity of the forum topic.
      This was back before the Internet really took off ("what's an AOL?"). When dialup 9600 baud modems were really smoking (sometimes the external modems got so warm you could keep a mug of coffee hot by sitting it on top of the modem). And we were promised that Worldgroup would change everything (if you listen closely to the web, you can still hear that fizzle).
      At its height in about 1997, the Pen had over 500 users and 30 staff. There were dozens of dial up lines and racks of computers running door games and SPINS (Special Interest areas).
      By then the Desk was running a SPIN. What The Media Desk website is now, is basically what that SPIN was then. Articles, features, fiction, nonsense and whatever else is around here. (except the Desk cannot remember what it was called to save it... If you remember, please write in and refresh its memory, thank you)
      Not long after the Playpen, and its immediate successor, Penner's Place, succumbed to the competition of the Web and closed its doors- or rather- unplugged its modems... The Desk moved to the Web as a stand-alone site.
      The Desk took over as Webmaster early in 2001, after the site was registered and created in the fall of 2000 and, well, here we are.
End of tangent

      So with the posting of THIS ARTICLE, regardless of the exact dates of what was where when, the Desk is simply marking 1 Sept 2005 as the beginning of the Desk's Eleventh Year as the Desk, and this site's Eighth year in existence.
           "... As it was said.... eerrrr, typed... So let it be Done."

      There. It is now a Fact!

A Look At The Site Itself

WHAT is on The Media Desk Site?

      The Desk is one of the Best overall resources on the African Cash Transfer Scam, and a new directory page of everything on the Desk about the 419 SCAM will be unveiled soon.
      One the same sort of thing, the overall scope of the Desk's efforts against chain letters and SPAM in the form of the Urban Legends Page is one of its most popular ongoing features.

      It is off season right now, but the Desk's Political coverage has won it both rave reviews and equally raving pans and criticisms.

      The Desk's photo essays continue to draw visitors, even the ones that are now several years old keep getting traffic.

      The Desk has novels, short stories, serials, and fan fiction online that cover the entire genre of Fiction ranging from heavily religious Christian Fiction (and Christian Sci-Fi!) to borderline Adult fiction and back around to family friendly adventure fiction and science fiction of several varieties. If you want to read something unusual, no matter what the flavor, you'll find it here.

      And then there are the Desk's general essays. On topics ranging from the Pope to Hot Sauce. No rhyme or reason. And in some cases, no real point to it. But, there they are.

      Is anybody actually reading them?
      It would seem that yes, a lot of people are reading them.
      And since the server numbers would seem to reflect continuing repeat traffic, Somebody, Somewhere, must actually LIKE what they read and keep coming back for more.
      The Desk has a new fictional story in the works, and an existing novel will be at least partially Web Published here. There will be more articles, essays, detailed political coverage next year, and so on.
      And of course, more in the Urban Legend vein. A look at the new guard in NASCAR. And whatever else catches the Desk's eye.
      As usual.

      And to all those readers that are coming in from all over-
           From the Seychelles, Hong Kong, Latvia, Ghana, Argentina... wherever
                     THANK YOU!

      The Desk is actually humbled by your attention to its offerings.

And now the Hard Cold Numbers-

[all numbers ending with 000 have been rounded to nearest thousand to make the math easier]
Year to Year-
      August 05, 49,000 hits
      August 04, 40,000
      August 03, 20,000
      August 02, 9,000

2005 Hits
      12 Month Average: 50,000
            Low, Sept 04: 39,814
            High, June 05: 56,050

2005 Pageviews
      12 Month Average 25,000
            Low, Sept 04: 22,040
            High, June 05: 28,835

12 month total just under 600,000

Where are they from?
      Besides the USA?

August 05 sample numbers

Client Domains
      (some of these are really cool.. think about it... they came to the Desk website!)
      (in no particular order)

Thank you
End of report

The Media Desk
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Thank you


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