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The FIRST EVER Media Desk Promotion with PRIZES! contest is over ANSWERS POSTED BELOW!
Winners to be announced shortly.

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      It wasn't a serious suggestion, but the more the Desk thought about it, the more it liked it. So here it is. For the Month of November ONLY! And the Desk is serious here, be the first to answer some rather pickey trivia questions about various things on and about the Desk site and win… something. See Below

Several questions from various Desk departments. Ranging from 'giveaway' easy to experts only in difficulty in each category.

THREE PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED- one in each of the following categories:

1. Those that personally know the Webmaster. "Yes Miss Penguin this includes you"

2. Others. Those that have corresponded with the Desk before and those that have not.

3. Professionals and Etc. Other Webmasters, site contributors, etc. (Questy is one of these)

Contest officially began 1 November 2004 and ended on Thanksgiving Day, 25 November, 2004. Prizes will be awarded and mailed on or about 1 December 2004 once the winner has been contacted and their choice made. Review and decision by the Desk's panel of judges of winning entries will be considered final.

Answers posted below.

Media Desk Quiz

The Fiction Department. Five Questions.
  1. Who said: "Boy. You ain't as dumb as the Bishop said you is."
  2. What's Zook's full name and title?
  3. Who played Rock and Roll as a 'rented ax'?
  4. Who is/was Jual-tar?
  5. Who killed Simmons?

Politics. Five Questions.

  1. Dennis Quaid likes what kind of pictures of what actress?
  2. The Desk drew a parallel between Silent Spring and what classic novel?
  3. Quoted Headline "Bush Caves … " and the Desk quotes what song in the article?
  4. What commonality did the Desk find between ailing national TV ministries?
  5. The Desk sets odds on political candidates even though it has never _fill in the blank_.

Humor. Five Questions.

  1. Always answer your phone before the _fill in the blank_ ring.
  2. What company prompted the Desk to quote the song lyric "We sweat laugh and scream here…"
  3. What does the desk think is how an 'ET' civilization would communicate with us if their government operates like ours?
  4. The Desk didn't cut its grass and find a car, but it did find something else- what?
  5. Yes it is a cute little car… but _complete the sentance_

Urban Legends and Tech. Five Questions

  1. as far as we know Dennis Lee has not scammed people with A. Laundry Balls. B. A welder. C. Steam Powered Car. D. Electrical Generator
  2. It was a dismal failure in Austria, Finland and Japan, yet the FCC's Chairman Michael Powell is all for it, what is it?
  3. In the Desk's collection of 419 letters, what is the current record for amount of cash offered?
  4. Why was the Desk "hunkered down and snarling like a cornered Werewolf"?
  5. In 48 hours under which name did an unpublished Desk email account got 86 SPAM messages including eleven mortgage offers?
GENERAL. Five questions and one bonus.
  1. The Desk is what kind of journalist?
  2. Jonathan Edwards wrote something that is on the Desk. What?
  3. Which manuscript is posted on the site and is over six hundred printed pages and is unfinished?
  4. What totally gratuitous pictures are a fixture in most Desk Photoessays?
  5. When the Desk wrote about writing what sport did it write about in its writing about writing when it wrote the writing article?

BONUS. In its first Attack on America Article the Desk said:

"Maybe in this case those that ordered and planned the Attack of September eleventh have been watching the TV talk shows. Listening to the people that get on Jerry Springer and watching the commercials that show American men as stumbling idiots and American women as hopeless shop-aholics."
What famous American said basically the same thing a couple of weeks later? (almost like they had read the Desk's article?)

End Of Questions


The Fiction Department. Five Questions.
1. Veterinarian Dr. Lucas, TheHunter- episode 17, the Work of theHunter
2. Dr. Tiberius LeftOver Zook, PhD in Astrometrics. Dancing on the Moon.
3. Rob’s Falsies, the punk rock band in the story of the same name.
4. Humanoid from Borg contacted species 1029 who was kidnapped by the Q. Dear Diary
5. Marvin Widesky, under the influence of Kadahillmea, threw him out a window.

Politics. Five Questions.
1. He spent $3,500 for a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe.
2. Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel, 'The Jungle'
3. The Who's 'I Can See For Miles and Miles'. From the album 'Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy' released in UK- 1967.
4. Focusing on the 'spokesmodel' minister even when said minister is a detriment to the ministry itself, and constantly begging for money.
5. Voted for a winning presidential or gubernatorial candidate.

Humor. Five Questions.
1. Nineteenth
2. Sprint. The song is from Alice Cooper's classic album title song, 'Welcome to my nightmare' from 1975.
3. Crop circles.
4. An 11 horsepower, bright red, Dynamark lawn tractor.
5. 'I still want something that looks like an Army Truck.' Specifically a Unimog.

Urban Legends and Tech. Five Questions
1. C. Steam Powered Car. He has sold, and defrauded people with, laundry balls, welding machines, electrical generators, and driveway sealants.
2. BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) running internet access services over existing electric lines.
3. 152 Million US Dollars. Has recently been challenged by an unconfirmed $210 million letter.
4. Excel and the Beast weren't cooperating at all.
5. (account has since been deleted)

GENERAL. Five questions and one bonus.
1. Traditional Gonzo Journalist.
2. His sermon, 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God', delivered in Connecticut in 1741.
3. A Tale of Two Dorms
4. Pictures of pretty women.
5. The last America's Cup 12 meter yacht race in New Zealand.

President George W. Bush (copy of speech available through various news archives from fall of 2001.


The Contest is OVER. There were two winners. Once the Desk has contacted them info will be posted.

Dr. Leftover
Author, Owner, Webmaster, Bartender.

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