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Bobbing for Memories

©04 The Media Desk

      It was a big green Granny Smith apple.
      A big one. About the size of a softball. And it was so firm it was hard to bite into.

      A Day Job co-worker observed that it looked like a good apple, then asked, "is it?"

      Well yeah. It was absolutely delicious. Firm and so juicy the Desk's beard was soon dripping with apple juice. And the taste?

      How do you describe the taste?

      It was slightly sweet but just a little tart. Then the Desk thought about it.

      There was a memory there.

      AGES ago. Well, thirty years or more anyway, the Desk had tasted another apple like that.

      At a Halloween party back when Trick or Treating was being killed by sickos who put broken glass in cookies. Some organization in the Desk's hometown had put the party together to keep the kids safe.
      One of the activities was bobbing for apples.
      The young Desk, then full of youthful enthusiasm, had already worked out the secret to bobbing for apples…

[NOTE: For those of you who do not want to know the secret, skip this.

      It is- hold your breath, pin an apple or two against the side of the washtub with your cheek, push it down to the bottom of the tub, turn your mouth toward the apple and suck it into your mouth, then bite it. Sit up with your prize firmly in your front teeth.
      You may continue…. Thank you ]

      The taste, texture, smell, all of it of the fruit from today's lunch reminds the Desk of those apples from so long ago. Although today's apple would have made two of the ones floating in that old washtub.

      The Desk can remember the costume it wore that night. The fact that is was drizzling rain when it came time to leave. Who else was there from its Boy Scout troop. Right down to where the Desk's parents parked to go to the party. (The lot across Hazel Street from the bank building.)
      Memory is a fascinating thing isn't it?
      Such ridiculous and actually meaningless detail engraved deep in its mind forever. And yet the Desk has trouble recalling such things as a co-worker's phone number or what it was supposed to get at the store.
      It went to the store over the weekend with a couple of clear objectives in mind. Something that it actually needed, and a couple of things that it wanted … … and… ….
      Well… so it goes.

      Anyway. What did the apple taste like?

      A Happy Autumn.

      The Desk hopes you'll have an apple like that soon as well.


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