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The US Computer Emergency Response Team has recommended people stop using Internet Explorer®.

The Media Desk has heard the drumbeats since last fall and now since its own home computer was recently the victim of an infection by some 'malware' which rode in through something IE allowed to be executed without asking permission Dr Leftover and the entire Media Desk Teamů well ok, he is pretty much the whole team, is now recommending the Mozilla FIREFOX browser 0.9.2 . Even though it isn't perfect, it is far better than IE.
Opera, which used to be the Desk's choice, has sold its soul to Adware Mongers who load up their ads with Spyware can no longer be trusted. Opera's owners admit their browser is now Adware, and nowadays the line between that and Spyware/slimeware is too blurry to see, see link below.

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US CERT Dept of Homeland Security
Homeland Security /CERT advisory 196A.html
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More Info: The Dmoz people's own browser. It's Free!

Opera's answer to the spyware charge.
The Desk article on SLIMEWARE

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