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©03 Laura Singleton
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I saw her as an angel
One night
In my dreams

          Long, flowing, orange-red hair
          Exploding in the colors of fall

                    There were no wings
                    No golden halo
                    No flowing white gown

                              There was a bright shine
                              In her cheeks
                              In her eyes and smile

There were words of comfort
Not from me to her
From her to me

                    "Do not worry anymore
                    I am healthy again
                    There is no more disease
                    I am fine-the cancer is gone."

Today my dream became reality
She no longer suffers
There is no more pain

          Her hair is long and fiery red
          Her face is glowing like her soul
          In our minds
                    And memories

Dedicated to the family and friends of the very kind and loving Melissa Levite.
    She no longer suffers.
Laura Singleton



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