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2007 Technology Conference Photos

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[NOTE: Originally produced for the Desk's Day Job's newsletter. (there is an obligatory pretty woman picture... but you'll have to look for it as it is unlabeled.)
thank you- Dr. Leftover ]


A fruit platter ornamented with flowers.

panel of experts
A panel of Subject Matter Experts for one of the breakout sessions.

a new way to do overhead projection
Why didn't YOU think of this?

DTI booth
One of the booths for one of the state agencies at the show. Yeah, this is a shameless plug, oh well.

vendors smiling for a picture
Two of the vendors pause and smile.

Sec Jarrett and Governor Minner
DTI Secretary Thomas Jarrett and Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner before the Proclamation Signing.

the fancy dessert was an apple tart
Was it too pretty to eat? ... ... ... No.

she was this happy BEFORE she won the TV
She was this happy Before she won the drawing for the TV!


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[NOTE: Thanks to (in no particular order): The Delaware Technology Conference Committee and staff (this means you Charles). Mr Jarrett and The Delaware Department of Technology and Information. Verizon. Gartner. Microsoft. And the other assorted vendors and participants in the Conference. ]

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