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The Drama of Pit 18
September 2010, Dover Saturday Race, Picture Page 2

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The Event Coverage article, and Part 2

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Dover Downs, time to race
The Dover International Speedway time for the race!

the Boy Scouts of America presented the colors on the track.
Some Americans still love this country and are willing to show it.

pit stall number 18
Yes, we were in Pit 18 on Pit Road!

driver Jeremy Clements
And this handsome young man is Nationwide Series driver Jeremy Clements. Pilot of the 04 -
(front to back as on the car) / Boudreaux's Butt Paste / racing Impala.
You've just got to love a man who can walk with that level of confidence with "butt paste" all over his chest!

eleven gallons of racing gasoline ready to go

pit stop action
During pit stops, even under yellow, there is a lot going on at one time. To the far right of the bottom image, you can see a Nationwide Series official making sure it is all done correctly and safely.

a comparison of pit road 'war wagons'
The pit box to the left belongs to the 04 as highlighted in the article. The big one in the immediate background belongs to another team with a bit more cash. There was seating for nearly a dozen observers on the second level, plus it had satellite TV (notice the receiver on top), and other niceties as well. But in the end, they both do the same thing- hold tools and parts for the car!

closeup of used racing tires
These tires are fresh off the 04 car after about 80 laps of green flag racing.

used lugnuts and empty bottles in the used and empty pit
After the 04 dropped out, as mentioned in the story, all that was left in their pit was spent lugnuts and a couple of empty drink bottles.

the famous Monster trophy
This one is for the Sunday race, the one for Saturday's winner is a little smaller, but you get the idea.

the winner doing his burnout
The winner of the race did a rather extended burnout......

after the burnout, they had to clean up the track for Cup series practice
..... after which they had to clean up the track so the Cup Series guys could practice.

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