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Long Weekend....

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    This last weekend for the Desk was another one in a series of weirdness above and beyond the call of duty series of days that never ended.
    For example it will hold up as evidence: 20 US Air Force Officer Candidates doing community service, an NCAA Division III women's field hockey playoff game, a very bold house mouse, rent-a-kid, a pretty woman in a red corduroy jacket, a chain-saw, a tire with a slow leak, the church lady with a new hairdo, fried crawfish, a co-worker upset by a ghost, and five carloads of Delaware State Troopers who were responding to- a hold up. And for the most part, everything and everybody on the list were unrelated to each other.

    And it did NOT involve in any way, shape, or form, the USS RAVEN (IFT).

    There was no rhyme or reason to the weekend. The Desk's schedule makes no sense to anybody, including the Desk.

    One way to explain it all is like this... After many years of all sorts of everything going every which way they can, the Desk has basically given up trying to make plans for itself from one day to the next. It isn't sure what is going on Right Now, let alone committing to something six months down the road. The RAVEN captain wants the Desk to sign up for the Baltimore Farpoint convention in February 2003. That's way too far down the road, if the Desk can't speak about which state it will be in for Thanksgiving three weeks from now, how's it going to justify registering for a convention three months ahead? It'd have to buy a new tire for its van before it drove that far.

    The Desk has come to accept things like a parking lot full of State Police with their weapons ready to draw as a matter of course. It doesn't bat an eye when some Frenchman with a chainsaw wants to cut down a perfectly good tree. A to-go box of fried crawfish just seems to fit right in with everything else even though they were a little too salty. And when a mouse sits under the fridge and watches the Desk put on its work shoes in the morning, well, OK, we need mousetraps that actually work instead of almost work.
    Weirdness comes out of the woodwork around the Desk. When a co-worker comes in with wide eyes and says something was watching them in the old building and there was nobody there it shrugs and goes with it. When a rent-a-kid wanders in while the Desk is wondering why the Bears were playing like winos in the shadow of pictures of George Halas and Dick Butkus and the other greats for the Illini. Red Grange would be embarrassed by that performance against the Eagles...
    If the Bears had played the way the local college's girl's field hockey team had it would have been a much better weekend. The Desk had not planned on attending a field hockey conference playoff game, but it happened, and the Desk is not going to complain about it. Wesley won 2 - 0 over Cedar Crest and that's good enough. But that's enough of that tangent.
    Anyway. The rent-a-kid wondered why the Desk had the volume down on the TV and was still able to follow the game including guessing the penalties before the ref announced them. The Desk told her it was a professional and left it at that.
    The pretty woman in the red corduroy jacket was a distraction, but, after all, the Desk is a Professional.

    And that explains it all.

"When the going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro."
Dr. Hunter D. Thompson

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