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Make Money At Home... !!!NOT!!!

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Thanks for the tip Rich! -Dr. Leftover

Variations of the following letter have literally been posted around the world. The Desk found the SAME LETTER posted on a Christian BBS in the US, on job sites in New Zealand and India, and even on newspaper classified pages in Africa.
IT.     IS.     A.     SCAM!!! And no mistake.

This e-mail can change your lifestyles forever. Read this mail and decide your future financial status.
We offer you an excellent opportunity to change your financial income to thousands of dollars per month. It is "YOU" who can decide your own destiny. The only requirement is the knowledge of email.
"International Company needs reliable, self-motivated people world-wide who want to earn additional income from their home.You will work for us and we w ill pay you.
This is a REAL JOB with REAL PAY.
NO Experience needed.
Part time or full time.
Earn $400-$1000 / week FT.
Income is guaranteed! Positions are limited! Dont wait! Apply now!!
If you are interested to know more details about this offer, Immediately give an E-Mail to this following mail id:
Also mention your e-mail id to which the details is to be sent.
Wish You All The Best.

Note: Our goal is to help only those individuals who would like to take adva ntage to our offer. This is one time mail & you will not receive future mail ings.
Thank you.

It is a SCAM!
Yes there are REAL work from home deals out there. There are real data entry and medical billing firms out there that will pay you real money for your time and effort. However, this and its clones ain't them. Visit the following links from the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau for more information. But the bottom line is this. If they want you to pay for a 'Starter Kit' or a 'Data Entry Program' guess what they are actually selling? And inquire about how much data you will have to enter to earn just a hundred dollars a week. That's all you'll need to hear to make up your mind.
Another interesting fact, in the US, these outfits use couriers and UPS and FedEx to deliver whatever good you do get... to avoid complications with people like the US POSTAL INSPECTORS who do not find these types of deals very funny at all.
The best thing to do with this email is..... delete it.

The FTC Work at Home Info and their Medical Billing Page. Also the BBB Work at Home Page.

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