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Two more 419 Variations.

Tractor Supply and the Philippine Variant

Pesented as a Public Service by the Media Desk. Posted 7 April, 2003

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Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 10:19:38 +0100 (BST)
From: Mustapha Mohammed
To: drleftover
Subject: THIS LETTER IS FOR YOU ( Dr Leftover)

Dear Dr Leftover,
I know this message will come to you as a big surprise because we have not met before, but please do not think this is one of those scam or junk mails you received in your email box/fax machine and which I myself receive also.
My name is Mr Mustapha Mohammed,I am from the Federal Republic of Togo and also the chairman,contract-awarding committee of my country Lome -Togo. I have been on this position for the past ten years but I have nothing to show for it.I will love it, if the both of us could do business together, which both of us will richly profit from. Since I am the chairman contract Awarding Committee of my country,I will award a Twelve million US dollars ($12 million USD) contract in your favor to supply farming equipments tractors and harvesters.A Mobilization up front fee of six million U.S Dollars ($6 million USD) will be given to you to start the supply. But as soon as the mobilization fee gets to your hands, you are not going to do any supply.
You and myself will share this mobilization up front fee on a 50-50 basis (Equally). The reason why I want us to share this start up fee is because I have been in this position as the chairman for the past twelve years, and I don't have a personal house of my own, my salary is a peanut. I cannot adequately take care of my children. In fact, things are very difficult for me.
If I retire,I will have nothing to fall back on.People come sometimes to seek for favor from me and after awarding them contracts they will not remember me again.
A lot of people promised and failed me. As a result of this, I want to help my self this time because I'll not want to die poor man. If we do this business together, with your full co-operation and support we will finish the business within five days,since I am still the person who will release the start up fee to you.
You have nothing to fear.I want you to remove anything like fear from your mind. This is the safest business you can ever think of. I will give you more information on how we are going to do this business as soon as I receive your reply showing that you are ready to do the business with me. But please do not discuss this business with anybody, even your best friends until we have finished successfully.
I will want you to reply me immediately so that I can tell you the next step to take. In your reply, please include your private telephone / mobile, fax and email.
Mohammed Mustapha

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 23:54:58 +0200
From: ""
To: drleftover

Greetings to you Dear Prospective Partner,
With warm heart I offer my friendship, and I hope this mail meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past, I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and the immense benefit it will be to you.
May I properly introduce my humble self to you. I am Dr. Mrs. Luisa Ejercito Estrada, wife of ousted President Joseph Ejercito Estrada of the Philippines. After careful consideration with my children based on our instincts, we have resolved to contact you for your most needed assistance in this manner. I duly apologize for infringing on your privacy, if this contact is not acceptable to you, as I make this proposal to you as a person of integrity. The confidentiality of my contact with you is of absolute importance due to my present political status as a senator.
You may not be very conversant with proceedings of the political turmoil in my country which led to my husband's depose from power. Expressing this from my point of view may be biased in your opinion, hence you may read the following articles to have your assertion from a neutral point of view.
To the point. The pressure on my family is overwhelming, and we desire to safeguard our future through investments in commercial and residential properties abroad as well as profitable ventures. Hence my proposal to you to render us your most needed assistance in this regard.
The fund to be invested is in currently in a safety deposit trunk with a private security firm in Europe lodged in my name. The trunk is stocked with hard currency (US Dollars) totalling $18,500,000. Due to the embarrassing surveillance on my family's activities, the need to contact a capable and trustworthy foreigner without a trace to our family handle this investment arose, and we hope we have found such a person in you.
If you are willing and able to render us your most needed assistance, your role in this project will be to act on my behalf as a trustee to receive the safety deposit containing the funds from the Security firm and proceed with the investments on our behalf immediately.
I want to assure you that this transaction is completely safe and risk free. The reason for having a cash safety deposit was a fallback plan of my family, as we envisaged this situation we are in today. At the moment, all my husband's accounts have been frozen, and mine under investigation.
At this point, I want to reemphasise the need for utmost confidentiality and secrecy for the safety of this transaction and our investments you will be handling.
For your reliable assistance, we are offering you 15 %($2,775,000) of the funds.
I thank you in advance as we anticipate your assistance in enabling us achieve this goal. On hearing from you, my son will be contacting you further for a mutual conclusion of the transaction. As you may understand, due to the possibility of bugging, it is not safe to communicate with me or my children via phone or fax. This is why I have communicated with you with my private email address, and I like us to keep this way, for the safety of this transaction, until we meet in the near future.
Please contact me whether or not you are interested in assisting us. This will enable us make alternative plans, in the event of non-interest on your part.
With warm regards,
Dr. Mrs. L. Estrada.

End of Quoted Email Scam SPAM.

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