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The Desk is no longer under contract by the publisher for "Power" (or anything else). That is a long story, at some point, we'll tell it. But not right now.

Even if "Absolute Power" doesn't corrupt, can somebody with the Power remain true to himself, his job, and most of all, to the woman he loves? Mike tries to remain an average security guard, when he is everything but average and "a little ESP" is just the beginning.

This story is intended for adult readers only.
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Chapter One.

      The spring dance at the community college had been going quite well. Most of the students had gotten over their initial shyness and had even done a rousing line dance version of the old classic The Cotton Eye'd Joe that left everybody breathless and laughing.
      Mike usually didn't go to these things, but his new girlfriend enjoyed social outings, and he wanted to make her happy.
      It wasn't that he was anti-social. He just didn't enjoy the noise and confusion of the crowd. Not the music and activity, which he found somewhat soothing, but the crowd itself. Or rather, their conflicting thoughts, emotions, and almost forced jocularity sometimes threatened to overwhelm him.
      While he was comfortable with his telepathic ability in more of a controlled environment, like a classroom, where what he called the 'mind chatter' of other people was at a minimum. That and Mike found more chaotic situations more tolerable than the almost scripted fun and semi-focused attention of the group attending the dance. At the dance, everybody was working to have a good time, even if they were absolutely miserable, feeding and building off each other until Mike felt that he was about to explode.
      But for Kathy's sake, he tried to ignore the cacophony around him and concentrated on her and the warm feelings she had toward him.
      Mike felt the anger rising in a group just off to their left before he heard anything. "Oh oh," he said out loud just before shouting and pushing erupted between three couples on the other side of the dance floor.
      "They're going to ruin it for everybody," Kathy said.
      "Maybe not," Mike muttered and reached out to the two instigators with an absurd idea, then he glanced at the DJ.
      Suddenly a disco number blared from the sound system and the two young men who had been posturing and shouting the loudest began break dancing, spinning in circles on the floor and doing handstands. One of the offended young women tried to stop them so they could resume the fight. Then she joined them, twirling around on one elbow to the music.
      "I can't believe they did that," Kathy said as she joined in the general applause.
      "Neither can they," Mike whispered to himself under his breath, but he said to Kathy, "Let's go get some coffee."

* * * *

      Mike was an ordinary security guard at the mall in Springfield, Ohio. He had worked for the company for several years and had been promoted regularly. But Michael DeFairo wasn't ordinary in any sense of the word.
      Mike was in high school when he noticed something odd about himself. Back then he tried to tell his parents several times. They didn't seem to think it was really happening and didn't do much about it.
      His friends thought he was putting them on.
      He wasn't. And it continued to occur. Sometimes he couldn't help but be aware of it. Other times, he couldn't feel anything and he thought that it had passed. But it didn't. And he wasn't sure when it started, but as close as he could remember, when he came into puberty, something in him got switched on, and it wasn't just his male hormones.
      In a year or so he learned how to control what happened and when. And then things really started to get interesting.
      What had happened to him? It's not easy to explain.
      Mike was able to hear people's thoughts. He found he was able to make suggestions to certain people, and they would behave like the idea was their own. This came in handy in some situations. He was even able to make some people he didn't like do some really stupid and embarrassing things. He won many card games. But he also learned there were times and places where this ability wasn't beneficial and, to stay safely anonymous, he had to control himself.
      He used his ability to help himself stay ahead in school. He got the part time jobs he wanted, and even got a slight raise from time to time. He went on dates with some of the very best looking and most popular girls. But he always kept one thing in mind; he made sure there was a plausible explanation for everything that happened, aside from the fact he wanted it to happen.
      In college, he stayed in the background, and just watched. And listened, and learned.
      It was then that he found he had some telekinetic power as well. He could win games at the fair, and he did very well bowling. But he also knew this could cause him considerable trouble as well. Mike used this ability only when it wouldn't be noticed. He did not want to end up in some lab being observed by people wanting him to bend spoons and read the backs of playing cards.
      Mike was out of college and in his late twenties when he found out just how powerful he was getting, and how dangerous he could be.
      Downtown, one night after a movie, Mike was walking Kathy back to his car. Two men approached them from the back and told them to give up their money or get shot.
      Mike glanced quickly at his girlfriend, Kathy, beside him. She was scared to death. Mike read in the mind of one of their attackers that he wanted to shoot them both, anyway. He had one thought. 'You can't shoot with broken arms.'
      The muggers began shrieking in pain. The gun clattered to the sidewalk. Mike pulled on Kathy's arm and they ran for the car. Mike didn't have to look. He felt the men's arms break instantly, their forearms cracking like dry chicken bones.
      He dropped Kathy off at her apartment. She wanted to know what had happened to the bad guys. He said he didn't care as long as they had gotten away. She smiled and got out. He begged out of a night-cap and went home.
      That night, Mike thought long and hard about himself. He was sure he wasn't a monster. Monsters killed people without reason. He had only used a God-given power to keep his date and himself from being hurt or killed.
      That didn't make him a monster.
      Did it?


End excerpt

Will be back in print and E-book in spring 2016 from new publisher.

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      Former Dover, DE resident Levite's day job was in communications technology for the State. He has been writing for over thirty years in various formats including newspapers, online outlets, and his own website, The Media Desk. Levite has released several other books, however, this was his first major release through a publisher.
      Now living in Danville, Illinois His hobbies include camping, fishing, and traveling with his wife Teresa and their dogs Jack and Scooter.

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